Are you running a key technology, or an expensive machine and you are not satisfied with the performance? Engage agile expert resource management techniques, working with current and strategic opportunities in your processes

Factories are changing with the arrival of Industry 4.0 and TPM is changing too. What existed 20 years ago is no longer enough. The driver of change is data and its profound use. How to connect data with technical practice and make the most of the potential of machines, production lines or CNC machines?

Are you a factory director in need of a change? Are you an engineering, quality, or finance manager? Do you need to get maximum performance with the least amount of energy from your team? You are invited to join us and learn how to do it. Bring your technicians, your engineers, and your future TPM auditors, and come learn how to do an in-depth analysis of the lost performance of your machines and equipment.

In this one-day training, we will introduce you to a new approach to TPM. You will learn a standardized technique for analyzing key machine/equipment losses. It will direct your improvement to critical areas.

You will discover a new approach to applying Lean techniques by comparing current and trend losses between machine units across the factory. You will learn a functional process for agile management of human and technical resources in a factory based on demonstrable measurable parameters. We will give you the opportunity to compare yourself to other factories using standardized benchmarking techniques.

You will learn

  • Perform a complex audit of a key machine within 1 day
  • Perform a critical review of complex equipment losses
  • Audit professional maintenance activities – prevention, prediction, replacement parts circulation
  • Control machine expenses and define lost opportunities
  • Prepare a complete structured audit report for management
  • Based on the in-depth review, set strategy, and detailed projects for the effective implementation phase

Why us?

  • We will teach you a technique that enables a deep critical review of a machine’s loss opportunities in an extremely short period of time
  • We will teach you a technique to enable the implementation of agile management of expert human resources in an industrial enterprise environment
  • We will teach you a technique that is easy to replicate
  • We teach you how to get into maintenance processes
  • We’ll deliver crucial findings that we turn into corrective local actions or systemic process changes
  • Training is led by experienced Lean practitioners with professional knowledge of maintenance and TPM implementation

Connection to the TPM 40 training

The content of this course is the process of implementing a critical performance audit of your key machine/equipment. You can repeat this approach on your other equipment and sample the loss-making performance of your machines. The results of the audit feed into the tactical and strategic management of the business.

During the course we will work with preventive and predictive maintenance techniques, MES systems, cycle time variability, quick changeover techniques and other TPM, Lean and Six Sigma knowledge. If these terms are new to you, we recommend that you take the TPM 40 training prior to the TPM Auditor course, where we discuss the details of implementing TPM into manufacturing factory processes over the course of 4 training days.

Who is the TPM Auditor course for?

  • Firstly, to managers who want to understand how to embrace and implement the new agile management tool into their processes.
  • Secondly, to future auditors who will analyse internal processes.
  • And thirdly to technicians, engineers, maintenance and production managers who will learn to see the opportunity. To describe and capitalise on that opportunity.

What about agile management in TPM Audit?

Our initial hypothesis is: Your professional resources are working hard on global standards and at the same time you are missing out on opportunities in tens of percent of performance on local processes.

With TPM Audit, we give you a reason to build a team of dedicated professionals and take on a crucial opportunity. We’ll think about what a change in the long-established practice of specialist departments would mean for your factory, and how much value the current division of functions and job roles has for the factory. We’ll think in the context of identifying the loss of a TPM audit on a specific critical machine.

What can we discover in an audit

The following examples were the starting point for the development of this course:

auditor tpm

Come measure your opportunity for significant improvement with us.

TPM auditor coaching and certification

The course includes the opportunity to consult your first TPM audit with an experienced consultant. We will help you remotely using Teams, Zoom and other applications to help you grab your project by the right rope.

TPM Auditor certification is awarded to those who have completed the TPM Auditor course, independently performed a complete audit on a selected machine/equipment and finally presented/defended the audit at the final defence.