Productivity scan

We will select a department and conduct an in-depth "scan" of processes and capacity utilization of people. We will find opportunities in processes, in the redistribution of work and radically increase throughput and productivity.
Measure the current level of productivity/efficiency in the department and increase it by leaps and bounds

If you feel that the productivity of the department and the workload of the employees fluctuates, or you find some employees overloaded and others underutilized, we can jointly carry out an analysis of the productivity of the department, the so-called “Productivity scan”. Together we will select the department to be analysed and prepare a process audit.

In the first step, we will map all process activities in the department and prepare a data and productivity measurement strategy. We do everything in an open way and include all representative participants in each process. Based on the inputs, we prepare a data collection plan and a snapshot of the distribution of activities during the day. Our experienced team of “data collectors” is very empathetic, observes processes and identifies sub-sequences. The team calibrates and begins to measure individual process times and other necessary information. In addition to data, we collect suggestions, opportunities for process and technical improvement.

After the detailed data collection comes the data analysis, which is created by our experienced Black Belts. We measure the capacity utilization of people (TTE index), the variability of performance, but we also take into account the added value of individual activities. We compile everything into an output with our recommendation.

The result of this process audit is a capacity study describing as true a picture of real performance as possible. In the form of small Kaizen workshops that are included, we look for ways to improve the process or allocate resources differently.

If you want to understand, measure and optimize processes throughout your company, we can also help you implement Business Process Management in your organization.

Product Sheet

Download information about Productivity Scan in PDF format.


Our Approach - Roadmap


Setting scope and objectives

We identify teams and processes to diagnose


Mapping activities of the department

We identify process activities and opportunities


Capacity scanning

We collect departmental data from individual employees


Data analysis

We evaluate process and capacity data and visualize those


Concept and improvement plan development

We create proposals and validate them together in workshops

Goals and Benefits

Financial savings
(reduction of personnel costs )

Higher productivity –
higher production

Faster process time
(elimination of redundant activities)

Ability to better allocate work among people

React faster to changes in the assignment (agility)

Strengthen the community and show the power of working together

Examples of Benefits

42% of the Redundant Reports were cancelled after a process audit in the Reporting Department.

Impact: 2 FTE reallocated from standard reports to Management and PowerBI reports where it was originally intended to be recruited. Impact in cost 1.8 million CZK + faster ad hoc report Where: Services, department that primarily dealt with standard impacts

+35% Increase in daily productivity of contracts processed per person from 34 to 47 contracts.

Impact: reduction in contract backlogs that caused late responses to customers. Impact on NPS and overall acceptance of bids. Impact in sales of CZK 4.4 million. Where: Backoffice of the Telecommunications Company

-4FTE Complete overhaul of the Operations Administration department of a logistics company.

Impact: 6 departments reviewed, 12 key processes analysed and 40 people imaged. Restructuring of work, elimination of redundant activities allowed reallocation of 4 FTE to other vacant positions in the company as agreed. Benefit 3.5 million CZK per year Where: Logistics Administration

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