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The success of any change implementation is related to the quality of the change management. The scope and size of change varies from company to company, but we can prepare you for any change.
We will design and prepare the change so that people will accept it
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Every organisation has to implement change. The reasons for change can be internal, when the company changes its strategy, business model or just a key process, but there are also changes forced by the external environment, competition, crisis management or the market.

The success of implementing any change is related to the quality of the management of that change. This can be understood as a set of “hard” techniques such as change design per se, plans, infrastructure quality or budgets, but also as “soft” techniques that focus on change acceptance and mitigating resistance. Both components are key to success and we can prepare you for any change.
We see change management as a structured approach to ensure that changes are thoroughly and seamlessly implemented, and that the long term ‘benefits’ of change are achieved. Through a series of workshops, we will guide you through the process, analyze the current state, and develop a communication and implementation plan to achieve the stated goals.

Without management support, it is difficult to push for change and there are plenty of ways to go about change management. We’ve put together 12 principles for transformation, drawn from our experience, that may inspire you. For further training in this area, sign up for Change Management training.

Our Approach - Roadmap


Analysis of the current situation

Analysis of the need for change and direction setting.


Concept creation

We are looking for the best ideas on how to implement change so that people embrace it.


Plan of Change

We create an implementation (action) plan and focus on communicating change.



Implementing change and actively embracing it.

Goals and Benefits

Revenue / productivity
(Growing or at least maintaining sales)

Level of decision-making autonomy
and greater flexibility

Create values, vision
supporting the future

Build the necessary
energy for change

Respond faster to changes in assignments

Strengthen collaborative working
and show the power of working together

Examples of Benefits

+89% Employees have embraced the new concept of a shared office for multiple companies.

Impact: Due to the large space in the company that was not 100% utilized, a flexi office was implemented, where several companies with completely different cultures and industries coexisted in one office. People embraced this change and the company saved 40% of the costs associated with renting an office. Where: Services - Facilities and Insurance

-0FTE No one left key positions when the change in the sales business model was announced.

Impact: When changing from personal sales to telesales, the entire model was prepared and communicated directly with the sales team. This co-creation of the entire strategy ensured the adoption of the entire model with zero churn. Where: Sales team telecommunications

+25% Productivity growth thanks to electronic invoicing.

Impact: The technical change was well thought out, but the people in the accounting department did not accept it. There was a huge resistance to the new SW. Through the Change management workshop, people understood the solution, a help plan was defined, and resistance with use (technical) was removed. Where: Billing team of a large company

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