Innovate with a help of TRIZ technique or by using Innovative process. We offer Creative problem solving training, that uses creativity and teamwork for specific problems.


»The training was largely filled by consistent practical exercising of group creative techniques, immediately down streaming the discussed theory. The trainings were gradient, thanks to the professional performance of the lecturer where participants were max. actively involved and the two days went surprisingly quickly. Overall, the event surpassed my expectations - I recommend it!«

Martin Němec


»This course was very inspiring for me and I think that TRIZ techniques can be used in many different areas. Thanks to the exercises we were able to practice particular approaches very well. I would like to express great thanks to the lecturer, it is possible to see that he dominates TRIZ methodology very well and he is able to pass his enthusiasm about it on the course participants.«

Petra Hamtáková


»TRIZ methodology training was a great benefit for the whole participating team. Given topic was presented by the lecturer in very structured and intelligible way, also supported by a series of team exercises, where we tried different tools in practice. A great benefit was also presentation of a number of alternative tools (e.g. smart little people, X factor, etc.) that really bring a completely new look on innovations and area of development.«

Michal Lačný

Quality Manager, ViskoTeepak s.r.o.

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