Come and acquire new skills.
The course is part of the LEAN EXPERT certified programme.
An innovated form of training with high added value in both the online and Prague variant.

Wherever there is a product for a customer, there are also movements of components and products. Wherever there are movements, these movements need to be managed. If we want to manage processes involving movements, we must know how to analyse them and manage them with the anticipated, ideally maximum, efficiency.

We’ll teach you to analyse internal logistics in all standard factory activities – ramp, receipt, initial checks, storage, restocking, removal from storage, storage at the workplace, movement at the workplace. We’ll focus on individual types of techniques used – manual work, forklift, system stackers, logistics trains, kardex, automatic stores, AGV and more.

Learn to identify logistics output losses. Propose and implement streamlining of logistics processes. We will teach you clear theories of Kanban, JIS, JIT, Milk Run. We’ll explain the benefits, limitations and needs of different techniques in different fields of industry. We’ll teach you to analyse these techniques for existing processes and prepare you for their implementation within new processes. You’ll learn to propose Kanban loops. Try out practical Kanban calculations, Kanban supermarkets using model examples. Take away model and model calculations. We’ll teach you to work with the pull mechanism, propose and create sequential storage, propose a new Milk Run.

Practical courses in Prague

The active connection of the lectured theory and the immediate practical training will allow you to learn the real implementation of the trained technique.

We will prepare your workshops together. You do the analysis, you shoot the videos of the process. With the help of online techniques, we will control your progress, help with guidance and professional advice. We will help your team put together the final solution and standardization.

Scope of the training

Practical courses in Prague

1. – 2. day 9:00-17:00


 Why choose our Lean Pull Expert?

  • Methodological clarity and high expertise of teaching and subsequent simple applicability in your practice
  • We’ll give you practical advice for various types of industrial environment
  • Possibility of consulting with experts from other companies
  • Methodology and training continuity – LEAN EXPERT and GREEN/BLACK BELT series
  • Quality guarantee for training
  • The course is part of the European certification program LEAN EXPERT by ICG

You will learn to

  • Analyse the workplace from a material movement perspective
  • Analyse waste and opportunities in internal logistics
  • Analyse loss-making activities in storage
  • Streamline your internal logistics
  • Kanban loop calculations
  • JIS, Kanban, JIT technique methods
  • Work with pull mechanism
  • Minimise work-in-progress, maximum logistics productivity


Participants of the course receive certificate of completion of the Lean Pull Expert.
After completing all courses of the training programme and successful completion of the final tests, it is possible to obtain the Lean Expert certificate issued by the ICG international consortium.
The certification process is already included in the course price! Our company ICG-Capability offers an opportunity to discuss the course free of charge in order to successfully achieve certification.

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