Business process management (BPM)

We map your processes, find owners and set up process measurement to collect and evaluate data for process management and improvement.
We only manage what we measure and improve based on data
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A process-driven organization should know its processes, the people responsible, and should systematically measure the processes and use the data. We will help you implement the principles of Business Process Management into your organisation.

In our approach, we start by creating a Process Model – a list of all processes in the company. This is a simple overview that our consultants create within days. We start by defining Process Owners, the people responsible for the process, and prepare them for their role, and together we develop a strategy.

Each process area will be further mapped to a more detailed level. Here we aim to focus on transferring the know-how to the company and train and coach the employees to continue the mapping on their own. Our ambition is also to find supporters called process Amabassadors who will maintain the process management.  We believe in “co-creation” as a means to effectively introduce process management into the company.

Together we will develop a strategy for data collection and its use. We will demonstrate the possibilities of searching for optimization opportunities based on data collection, we can introduce Statistical Process Control (SPC) or prepare any evaluation analysis. We can help you select and prepare a Dashboard – a way to visualize and communicate data and its results further in the company.

If you need to increase the productivity level of one particular department in your organization, you can use our Productivity Scan. We also offer Business Process Management training, where we pass on our experience, practical tips and recommendations to participants.

Our Approach - Roadmap


Creating a Process Model

We will create a Process Model of the organization


Identification of owners

We will identify the owners and prepare them for their role


Key processes mapping

We map key processes in greater detail


Measurement settings

Set up measurements (KPIs) and their evaluation


Data analysis and visualisation

We analyse and visualise data according to usage

Goals and Benefits

Mapped processes and assigned owners

Process measurement –
identifying opportunities for improvement

Dashboards monitoring key KPIs
and a defined process for evaluating them

Data analysis – we will analyze
collected data and communicate the outputs


Examples of Benefits

-30% Within 8 days we defined the key processes and set their owners.

Impacts: thanks to clear ownership, the company received a positive score in an external audit, but especially reduced development cycles by 30%, where previously there were constant escalations of problems to all stakeholders. Where: The entire company, specifically the product management department

40 For 40 key processes we evaluate 5 basic metrics according to the Balanced Scorecard logic.

Impacts: employee evaluation has been significantly simplified, changing from subjective to transparent, with objectives linked to each other and clearly explained. They are evaluated regularly on a quarterly basis. Where: Manufacturing engineering company

93% Processes have a process owner who is familiar with their role and trained.

Impact: process owner has a clear role, process updates, ownership of process improvement and data collection. This move not only completed the implementation of BPM, but may have reduced the allocation of the centralized team where there was insufficient capacity. Where: Financial institutions

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