Organization development

We help organizations build their readiness and ability to respond to changes.

We help organizations build their readiness and responsiveness to change and achieve greater effectiveness by developing appropriate corporate strategy, strengthening value perception, company culture, people development and their ability to work effectively. We strengthen the perception of culture and set the most appropriate business model and related processes.

Our transformation approach has several ambitions. Primarily, we focus on the effectiveness of the organization and its results. These may vary from organization to organization, but typically include financial performance, customer satisfaction, employee engagement (commitment) with the organization and an increased ability to adapt to changing conditions and respond quickly to change. This element is increasingly crucial. Today’s world is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – the so-called VUCA world. It requires new ways of managing, agility, motivation… and organization development is the the way to achieve this.

Our ICG approach to organization development always starts with an audit of the current situation and objectives setting. Based on the input, we prepare a transformation strategy, which we then help to implement to transform the organization.

Our Approach – Roadmap

Organization Development roadmap_en

As part of the Audit, we will be interviewing key Stakeholders and talking to selected managers, employees and leaders about development, change and vision. Than there is a Stakeholder Analysis, where we will prepare a systematic analysis of stakeholders, determine the level of support and potential resistance to the program. We will conduct organizational workshops and program planning, in which we will establish a broad plan of time and resources for the next phases.

In the Strategy phase, we will work with the vision and strategies, set up the so-called OKRs for each participant and agile management and communication plan, conduct monitoring and create detailed concepts/training programs. We will set measurable objectives and identify possible risks of the concept.

We can also offer you a Transformation phase where you can expect regular coaching for participants (we can implement both individual and group coaching), a retrospective (according to its results we will set new goals for the next period according to OKR principles) or even the implementation of Rapid projects.

You may be wondering what needs to be done in order for the proposed new processes, agile structures and strategic concepts to permanently change the behavior and attitudes of the stakeholders. We have summarized our experiences from successful and unsuccessful change projects into 12 principles.

Goals and Results

Analysis of competences, values and behavior

Action steps and short-term objectives for change

Methodological guidance through the change process

Transformation strategy and change process proposal

Workshop organization and communication of change to the company

Evaluation and audit report production

Examples of Benefits

-30% Reduction of delivery time

Impact: changes have been made to structures, processes and systems and a new way of working has been developed. In the long term, there has been an improvement in efficiency and increased commitment from leaders and teams. Where: automotive, engine testing department

+20% up-sell of postal services

Impact: new management model, redesign of staff qualifications. Where: post office

3 Innovative problem solving for a key customer

Impacts: increased innovation capability. Where: manufacturers in the paper and packaging industry

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