Correct application of the DOE method greatly reduces the number of tested factor combinations to those essential in terms of overall quality.

You can use DOE training during process optimization, where you need to find key parameters, and interpreting results. In our training we take it very practically – using the Minitab statistical software.

We will present the differences between regression analysis and the DOE in both logic and output. All will be tested on a case study. The main part of the training is the analysis of the designed experiment, its assessment of the factors and interactions if they are all statistical significant. We will learn to work with the so-called “response optimizer”, which will simply help us find the ideal combination. We introduce nonlinear models and test everything using Minitab and simulation games.

What will you learn

  • For what purpose we can use DOE, its benefits and limitations.
  • Complete process of the design of experiment – full and partial, or nonlinear (Box Benkeh, Response Surface).
  • Practical tips for selecting and setting factors


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