How to innovate, design market, products and processes to achieve sales and cost targets.

The Product Innovation Academy provides new knowledge, new context and practical engineering, project and management tools and methods for use in practice.

Each of the one-day modules includes concentrated know how, comprehensive case studies, guest speakers, discussions with leaders, R&D managers from top Czech and international companies. We can also prepare turnkey training for individual companies.

You will learn to

  • Discover revenue in the market: how to use market understanding and data analysis to discover new opportunities; generating market innovation; designing market strategy and bridging to product strategy.
  • Innovate the customer value proposition: how to evaluate and interpret the existing value proposition of the company and competitors for innovation; how to generate and design value proposition innovations; bridging to design and processes.
  • Materialize the value proposition into design and processes: how to design products and related processes to make innovation profitable?

Basic information about the training

  • Modular programme, 3 days of online training in total.
  • Online input from guests – leaders from Czech companies.
  • For each module arguments from practice, new effective system models, methodology, procedures, tools, forms.
  • For each module our case study from a Czech or foreign company with commentary.
  • Sharing experiences with other participants of the training.
1. Market innovations
Colt CZ
Eva Strakošová
2. Product innovations
ACO Industries
Ján Grznár

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