Innovation process

Product innovation focuses on improving current products and services as well as on creating brand new products and services with radical impact on the market and customer.
Product innovation focuses on finding and implementing of a new improvement in the functional and user characteristics consisting of current products and services, or even in creating brand new products and services with radical impact on the market and customer.

“Our projects for innovation in products and services deliver real results from finding opportunities to launching.”

The goal of innovative projects is to find opportunities and innovate. To innovate a product, service or even a business model. Product innovations represent significant improvements in technical specifications, components and materials, systems, user access or other functional characteristics. Innovations are always created together with the client. Our work is based on the involvement of people and the use of innovative approaches. Consultations and analysis are combined with group workshops in order to transfer our experience to the client’s organization. An innovation project is carried out in 5 basic phases which are logically connected and ensure the effective progress of the project.

5 phases of ICG-Capability product innovation


Typical course of an innovation project

1. Defining an opportunity

We implement an innovation audit of a company in order to find and define opportunities for innovation. We proceed from the analysis of the internal and external environment of the organization. We collectively assemble an innovation team.

2. Inspiration and needs

We determine who is a typical user and who is an extreme user, what is his behaviour and habits. We recognize his obvious and hidden needs. In parallel, we investigate the trends in the field given and find inspiration in them.

3. Generation of ideas

We use creative techniques and tools to generate new innovative ideas to meet the customer needs. We combine ideas, look for inspiration and create breakthrough ideas with a high added value.

4. Concept development

We create coherent concepts from individual innovative ideas. Together, we conduct experimentation, simulation and rapid prototyping. With a structured approach, the risk of any failure in innovation is partly reduced.

5. Final design

We help introduce innovations to the market using techniques of a detailed design. We coordinate the cooperation of all people involved in the delivery of the final design to users.

Benefits of product innovation

  • We innovate either your current products or we create new ones.
  • We will teach you ways of looking for product opportunities.
  • You will be able to predict new generations of products and services.
  • We will introduce innovations that produce new revenues with high added value for customers and a value difficult to be copied by the competition.
  • You will be able to use tools and processes for the generation of new products and services in practice and strengthen the innovative culture of your company.

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