Ten strategies, ten trainings, ten areas of lean process design will enable you to grasp your opportunity as defined from Value Stream Mapping. We’ve translated dozens of techniques into a comprehensive set of strategies that will become your compass for achieving cost reduction, process optimization, or more productive manufacturing. This course is part of the LEAN EXPERT certificate program.

Wherever there is an identified loss and opportunity, there is a decision to choose the path to the goal. If we want to achieve a particular goal with the minimum energy input, we must understand the variations that our path may go through.

Our inspiration for this training is navigation, where we enter a destination and a map shows us the traffic situation with travel options. Short and through traffic problems, with a detour, but with a faster time. Our entry point for Lean Design Expert training is an existing problem, an analysis describing a loss, or an identified opportunity. Think of our course as a big staff training exercise. We stand with a specific assignment on one side of the training ground and on the other side, way out there, is our target. We identify a process loss, choose one strategy, or a combination of several strategies, and describe the path to achieve the goal. We will measure and evaluate the difficulty of the solution, the energy we have to exert, we will assess the complexity of the path and the benefits of achieving the goal.

We will teach you to think systemically about identified losses and opportunities. We will teach you how to work with a palette of tools and implement pre-built solution areas.

How is the training structured?

We will teach you through a combination of theory and practice. For each strategy we will explain the theory. We will offer you standardized solutions. In practical exercises you will try to apply the tools of a specific strategy and measure changes on the process on key parameters.

And an example of our thinking in training:

Did you know that for Kanban alone you can think about deploying 5 basic versions of the Kanban system? Which one should you choose and why? Has your process chosen the most powerful variant? And at the same time, is the best variant set to be the most powerful?



2 days training + coaching of your project

  • Training is carried out in our training centre in Prague in the scope of 16 teaching hours
  • Each participant has individual online coaching for their strategic project

 Why choose our Lean Flow Expert?

  • Methodological clarity and teaching expertise and subsequent easy applicability to your practice
  • Free online coaching for your first project
  • Combining effective teaching and honest practice with dozens of examples
  • We will give you a range of practical advice for different types of industrial environments
  • Possibility to consult with experts from other companies
  • Continuity of methodology and training – LEAN EXPERT and GREEN/BLACK BELT series
  • Quality guarantee on training
  • The course is part of ICG’s European LEAN EXPERT certification programme

You will learn to

  • Methodological approach to address the identified opportunity
  • 10 Strategies for Applying Your Leaner Future
  • Thinking at a managerial level about process change
  • Justify your choice of a solution to a given process situation on clear, measurable parameters
  • Work as part of a team to solve complex solutions

What you’ll need

  • We recommend that you have completed the Lean Value Stream Expert course prior to enrolling in this training
  • Alternatively, you should have good experience with Lean, VSM and TPM techniques


Participants will receive a Lean Design Expert certificate.

After completing all four independent courses of the training program and passing the final tests, it is possible to obtain the European Lean Expert certificate issued by the international consortium: ICG-Capability / ICG / Innotiimi.

The certification process is already included in the price of the course! ICG-Capability offers free consultations during the training program in order to successfully complete the Lean Expert certification.

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