After many years of direct experience in applying the approach of Lean Design and Design to Cost programs in Czech and German industrial firms, we have decided to implement an open training programme – Design To Cost Academy.

The “Design To Cost Academy” combines training methodology, presentations of practical examples of the invited guests (TOP managers) and visits from companies in the Czech Republic which are already successfully applying this approach. The program is designed as a series of interconnected workshops in combination with selected guests, whose professions are close to the topic, and complemented by visits to domestic companies.

Design to Cost -This unique methodology is effective for all manufacturing companies which have their own development, or at least may affect development. Using this methodology, we are able to reduce direct costs by 10-30%, while maintaining the quality and functionality.

Participants who are interested in the methodology can register also for individual modules, but since the topics are interconnected, we recommend completing all modules. We are able to prepare a “turnkey” training for individual companies.

Basic information about the training

  • Modular program, 10 days of practical training and workshops.
  • The main lecturer Ján Chaľ – European expert in the field of Design to Cost.
  • Visits from top industrial companies.
  • Presentations and joint meetings with the leaders of visited companies.
  • Sharing experience with other trainees.
  • It also includes coaching and preparing a plan for specific situations chosen.

Main topics of the individual training modules

1. Module: Design to Costs

2. Module: Design to Material Costs

3. Module: Design to Assembly Costs

4. Module: Design to Manufacture Costs

5. Module: Design to Mass Customization

Program Structure of Design To Cost Academy


Available Terms