We will teach you the basics of agile methods. You will understand agile principles and we will guide you through the basic Agile approaches (Scrum, Kanban and others). You will learn where agile methods are, and are not, appropriate.

Agile is a very often mentioned term in management nowadays. It is a new trend that allows for efficient and flexible project management and the management of entire companies. The advantage is that it does not require the rigid following of an outdated plan but provides techniques and tools that allow responding to the ever-changing world and demands. It is based on a primary focus on the important things, openness, communication, collaboration with the customer, and flexibility.

Our training will introduce you to agile principles and approaches. You will leave knowing what the term means and includes, what the different agile methods are, and, most importantly, you will be able to recognize in which situations a particular method is appropriate or, conversely, where it cannot be used. You will learn what is important for agile transformation. Agile comes from the world of IT, but we will focus on its practical application in other areas (development, innovation, project management, and corporate management).

Simulation games are an important part of the training, where you can try out some of the methods and approaches in practice.

Typical situations in which you will use the training

  • In our projects, customer requirements often change, and we are not able to respond flexibly
  • I don’t know what each agile method is suitable for
  • Our company is implementing agile project management, but we have no experience with it
  • We are looking for an alternative to project management using the waterfall model. It doesn’t work for us in some projects
  • I see agile as a concept and want to understand what it means in practice
  • I’m not from an IT background, but I think Agile can help me

You will learn to

  • Basic Agile principles
  • Identify appropriate situations for its use and explain the world of VUCA
  • How to deploy Agile
  • The most important tools of the Agile approach – Scrum and Kanban and how they are used
  • Principles of other tools and how to use them

Who is the training for

Owners and executives, project managers, process specialists, and innovation team members who will work in an agile way.

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