Kata coaching / PDSA programme

Programme to establish a culture of systematic process improvement by enhancing the skills of managers at all levels of the organization in applying a scientific approach to challenging tasks.

Gradually discover your way forward to meet challenging tasks!

Scientific thinking counteracts the natural tendency to jump straight to solutions. It allows for “learning by mistakes” and the gradual discovery of what to work on and what to change in the process to achieve the goal. It is useful for moving towards goals in complex, dynamically changing and unpredictable conditions. It also develops leaders in their ability to improve their process and create a true “learning” organization.

Improvement kata – a scientific approach to process improvement

Improvement Kata - a scientific approach to process improvement

Programme and consulting Kata coaching/PDSA  focuses on leading employees and developing their skills to improve processes and teach a scientific problem-solving approach to their employees. The goal is to teach everyone a thoughtful, effective and shared way of working throughout the organization.

Training programme Kata Coaching / PDSA  is a developmental programme that consists of progressively training the scientific approach of senior staff at all levels and establishing a daily routine of on-site coaching sessions. Kata coaching leads to the development of desirable patterns of behavior, thinking and the intrinsic motivation to be better every day. Practicing desired behaviors must be part of the normal daily work. Improvement kata not only enables the desired goals to be met, but also the development of people while working on them and continuous process improvement.

Typical situations in which the Kata coaching / PDSA programme will help:

  • You want to build a “learning” organization and motivate your employees to take a proactive approach to problem solving.
  • You need to develop the managerial skills of process owners, especially their ability to systematically improve their processes and create an environment for accomplishing challenging tasks.
  • You have problematic processes that cannot be improved in the long term and action plans are not working.


You will learn

  • A systematic, scientific approach to improving processes and meeting challenging tasks in complex, dynamically changing and unpredictable environments.
  • Establish challenging, yet non-demotivating tasks in your company and ensure that your employees use effective ways to accomplish them.
  • How to recognize the frontier of process knowledge and create space for “learning by mistakes” and finding innovative solutions.
  • How to systematically teach your subordinates to think scientifically.

Kata Coaching - Managers must have the ability to teach their subordinates to think scientifically!

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