Current workplace ergonomics often do not meet the needs and demands of their users, which can lead to lower productivity, higher risk of workplace accidents and occupational diseases. Meaningful Ergonomics training teaches you how to design and modify workplaces to fully meet ergonomic standards while being as efficient and safe as possible. We will teach you how to improve the current situation and bring significant benefits to your organization and its employees.

Ergonomics is more than just the appropriate positioning of the computer keyboard and a comfortable chair. It is the science of optimising the relationship between people and their working environment. In a world where technology is constantly advancing and the workplace is constantly evolving, we must stay on the cutting edge of ergonomic standards and their effective and meaningful use.

Our training is designed for technology specialists who are involved in the development of new workplaces or in the modification of existing ones. Our primary motivation is to create a work environment that is not only efficient and productive, but that also contributes to the health, comfort and overall well-being of the workforce.

In this training you will learn how to apply ergonomic standards in practice to increase safety and productivity. You’ll discover how even small changes can have a big impact on day-to-day work and how these changes can lead to significant improvements in overall performance and worker satisfaction.

“Meaningful Ergonomics” is structured as an interactive training course where theory is combined with practice. Each module includes a lecture about the topic, discussion and practical exercises to help you to better understand and apply the concepts learned.

We will focus on various aspects of ergonomics, including physical ergonomics (how to modify the workplace to minimize health risks), cognitive ergonomics (how to avoid overexertion and stress), and organizational ergonomics (how to optimize workflow and team dynamics).

The outcome of our training is not only an increased understanding of ergonomics, but also practical tools and techniques that you can use immediately in your work environment.

“Meaningful Ergonomics” is more than just training. It is a step towards a better working life, greater productivity and a healthier, happier work team. Join us to find out how you can improve your work environment and contribute to a better quality of life for your colleagues.

You will learn to

  • Fundamentals of ergonomics: definition, history and relevance in today’s work environment.
  • Ergonomic standards and regulations: an overview of the most important ergonomic standards and laws.
  • Ergonomic workplace design: How to design a workplace with ergonomics in mind.
  • Ergonomics and Technology: How technology can support ergonomics in the workplace.
  • Physiological aspects of ergonomics: The concept of ergonomics in terms of physical health and comfort.
  • Psychological aspects of ergonomics: The concept of ergonomics in terms of mental well-being and worker satisfaction.
  • Ergonomic workplace assessment: You will learn how to conduct an ergonomic assessment and identify potential problems.
  • Ergonomic problem solving: You will learn how to solve ergonomic problems and improve the work environment.
  • Case studies: Analysis of real cases to reinforce practical skills.
  • Applying ergonomics to increase productivity: How to use ergonomics to increase efficiency and productivity.
  • Injury and Illness Prevention: How ergonomics can prevent workplace injuries and illnesses.
  • Ergonomics and job satisfaction: The relationship between ergonomics and job satisfaction.

Who is the training for

  • Technologists
  • HSE and safety specialists
  • Specialists from AM department
  • Corporate Manufacturing Specialists
  • Executives
  • Lean / CI managers

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