No matter how good is the technical solution, without managing the “human approach” it can’t be successful.

In every organisation, many projects are implemented, whether technological, process-focused or strategic in nature. Not all are considered a success. In fact, most initiatives fail to deliver expected results not for lack of commitment, hard skills, technologies and tools, but because the people involved fail to manage change and the change is not adopted by staff. It is resistance to change and ways to eliminate resistance to change that Change management is focused on. When mastered, it significantly increases the likelihood of success.

Our training prepares participants to systematically manage change as a part of every project. The concept of the training is simple but very practical. Together we select some real topic from organizations – some changes, which were done or are planned to do. Participants will then become Change managers and in small groups they will prepare a change management plan, communication plan, develop arguments and test situations which can cause a resistance.

Typical situations when you need Change management

  • Company needs a set of organizational changes
  • Project manager wants to change the process and thus redistribute work between departments
  • Implement new system, new work procedures
  • Moving branches means a lot of work for employees

You will learn to

  • Initiate, identify and implement changes within an organization in parallel with project management
  • Recognize a typical reaction to change, how to prepare for it and how to face the resistance
  • Apply interesting tools like: OPERA (problem solving), SCALE (identify initial position), Force Field Analysis (Get arguments for change), 3D Matrix, Pecha Kucha (Communication tool) and many others
  • Prepare a communication plan for both employees and management
  • Be leader of the change – work effectively with team and all stakeholders, newly we added Cultural analysis
  • Combine project techniques and change management
  • Lead a team and facilitate workshops in a way to get results and support

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