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Process optimization using Six Sigma. We manage your DMAIC project and eliminate defects, coach your Green Belts.
We will solve your quality problem, defects.
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If you have a complex process problem with quality and defects that you need to solve using the DMAIC (Six Sigma) methodology or you need a completely new process designed quickly and expertly (Design For Six Sigma) our Master Black Belts can deliver a bespoke project. We recommend this especially if you do not have internal resources in your company or the problem is very urgent and you need to find a solution quickly based on data and analysis.

The other typical situation is that internal Green Belts and Black Belts do not have the necessary time resources or need to find “confidence” in the Six Sigma methodology and improve.

In projects, we try to work either as a leader, where we take over the whole project in the role of project manager and improve the process together with the team. The other option is that the project has an internal Green Belt / Black Belt and ICG we provide maximum support to the project delivery through coaching. We always try to focus on:

  • Understanding and quantifying the process problem.
  • Finding and validating root causes.
  • Data collection and support with statistical/graphical analysis of the process.
  • Setting an implementation plan for the next period.
  • Setting up the correct DMAIC / KAIZEN or Design (DOE) approach.
  • Assisting with communication and power search.

Our Approach - Roadmap


Understanding the needs of the customer's process

Collecting the voice of the customer and defining the optimal process output.


Process mapping and identification of opportunities

We understand the current processes and identify opportunities for improvement.


Detailed process analysis

We will perform a detailed analysis of the causes of the problem and confirm them.


Design of process changes and their implementation

We will suggest process improvements and ensure their adoption in the organization.


Verification of process improvement

Confirm process improvements and set process control rules.

Goals and Benefits

Reduce process time and process costs from defects

Improving capability – process quality (6 sigma)

We analyse everything by data and not by impressions

Increased quality of process outputs – customer satisfaction

Examples of Benefits

35% Increase in daily productivity of contracts processed per person from 34 to 47 contracts.

Impact: reduction in contract backlogs that caused late responses to customers. Impact on NPS and overall acceptance of bids. Impact in sales of CZK 4.4 million. Where: Backoffice of the Telecommunications Company

53 Ideas were generated and 27 changes implemented within 8 weeks in the Business Sales and Care department.

Impact: the transformation of sales channels involved the implementation of workshops to improve customer access, planning, organisation of work and foster collaboration between teams. Collaboratively generated ideas were better received and implemented. Where: Business Sales

41% Increasing the throughput of an automotive component supplier's production line.

Impact: too high error rate (scrap, rework) caused the need for 100% internal control and many more costs for repair or additional material. By finding the root causes using the DMAIC methodology, the required throughput increased by 41% after implementation. Where: Manufacturing - Automotive

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