Cookie policy

We use the Google reCAPTCHA service (hereinafter referred to as reCAPTCHA) on our website. This service is provided by Google.
ReCAPTCHA is used to verify whether the data entered on our website (for example, in a registration or contact form) has been entered by a human or an automated program. ReCAPTCHA analyses website visitor behaviour based on various characteristics. This analysis starts automatically as soon as an internet visitor enters the website. For the purpose of the analysis, reCAPTCHA evaluates various information (e.g. IP address, how long the visitor has been on the website or mouse movements made by the user). The data collected during the analysis will be transmitted to Google. ReCAPTCHA analyses run completely in the background. There is no indication to website visitors that such analysis is taking place.
We only use the ReCAPTCHA service for the purpose and on the basis of a legitimate interest (legal title). This protects our website from spam and other unfair practices. Further information about Google’s reCAPTCHA and Google’s privacy policy can be found at the following website: