Measurement systems are our „second eyes“, allowing us to observe processes in company every day.

Training is focused on MSA methodology, presents it understandably and teaches participants to perform MSA studies. Participants should be familiar with Minitab and basic statistics prior to the training.

The measurement system analysis provides methodology to prove that the data gained by measurement are trustworthy.

The theory, which is necessary for successful performance of MSA studies, will be presented understandably and practically. We explain and illustrate all essential terms. You will get practical guidance on how to prepare the studies. We introduce principles, which help you to apply MSA meaningfully in your company.

Substantial time will be dedicated to performing case studies in Minitab and to results interpretation – practice makes perfect.

Typical situations, when you utilize MSA training

  • You need to examine measurement methods, it is the requirement of quality management
  • Your customers request MSA studies for supplied products, or has comments to existing studies
  • You are familiar with Minitab and basic statistic, but you need to gain deeper understanding of MSA and practice MSA on case studies
  • You are not sure, if your current MSA studies are sufficient. MSA studies are subjects of audit observations
  • You have doubts regarding application of MSA methodology in the specific field, where your company works

You will learn

  • What is the purpose of Measurement system analysis, how many information about your measurement you can extract from the study
  • What does terms as Accuracy, Precision, Repeatability, Reproducibility mean
  • Recommended procedure, how to perform MSA studies (from preparation and design till evaluation and conclusions)
  • MSA type 1: we explain terms and indicators (bias, linearity, stability, reference sample, Cg, Cgk)
  • MSA type 2: for attributive data, Kappa indicator
  • MSA type 2: for continuous data, „Crossed“ and „Nested“ design, specifics of study for destructive measurement
  • We use case studies to practice the interpretation of results and rating measurement system defined by AIAG


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