The leading statistical software for quality improvement and statistics education worldwide.

Minitab 19 statistical software provides statistical tools you need for the analysis of data and the subsequent decision making. Its performance and ease of use have made it the leading software in the world in the field of quality improvement processes. 90% of TOP 500 companies (according to Forbes) use Minitab for their work.

Key features


Intuitive menu

It easily and intuitively opens tools and analysis attributes.


Clear charts

Quick review of analysis results through clear and informative charts.


Import and export

Simple import and work with data, export and editability of charts in MS Excel, PowerPoint.


Assistant in Minitab

An assistant that will simply guide you through analysis.

Assistant in Minitab 19


Analysis of the data may pose some risk if you are not an expert in statistics. Sometimes, your biggest challenge is where to start or if you have used the correct chart, selected a statistical test or interpreted the data correctly. The assistant in Minitab removes any doubts by helping to determine the correct statistical analysis tools you will use. After you choose the right tool, the assistant itself identifies and monitors all the steps you should take to ensure that the results of the analysis will be accurate and reliable.


One-time license

A license for a single computer, so called “Single User” for a one-time fee. Afterwards, the license remains the property of the customer.

Floating license

The license can be used by several users at once by connecting to the server. The license fee is paid each year.

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