Lean leadership

Become a true Leader who is able to create the space to develop the autonomy of your employees to improve their own processes so that they are intrinsically motivated to meet the challenges of their daily practice.
The role of the practical leader in employee development

We develop leaders at all levels of the organization to properly fulfill their role as process owners and to set a safe environment for improvement.

We explain the purpose of their regular presence in a place where value is added. We teach them how to respond properly to the results and actions of their teams and how to be role models of desirable behavior. Together, we agree on basic routines for improving production and administrative processes and learning from new experiences.

We will teach leaders how to assign challenging tasks aimed at meeting the company’s goals as defined in the company’s development plan (Hoshin Kanri). How to visualize results transparently to give employees meaning and feedback of actual performance and motivation to respond in a timely manner. To collaborate and teach employees a systematic scientific approach to process improvement.

We show the way to actively engage all employees and truly develop them in problem solving and finding new opportunities in process improvement. The goal is to create a strong corporate infrastructure of a “learning” organization and a corporate capacity for all process improvement and effective problem solving.

The Lean leader is able to effectively lead and communicate with expert improvement teams that implement Lean performance principles. Providing them with resources, calibrating the process, and overall creating the space for their projects to be successful.

Product sheet

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Our Approach - Roadmap


Alignment with strategy

We align difficult tasks (challenges) with the company's strategy.


The role of a lean leader

We set up a routine for leaders (LEADER-GEMBA) and teach them to actively listen and give constructive feedback directly in the process.


Transparency of the process

We ensure immediate detection of barriers to expected performance and their rapid removal.


Kata coaching / PDSA

We teach you how to use a scientific approach to process improvement and how to teach this skill to other employees (the role of an executioner coach).



We introduce and mentor A3 / PDCA (role champion).

Goals and Benefits

Increase the percentage of actively engaged employees

Ensuring department/company KPIs are met

Reducing the number of open problems

Reduction of employee turnover

Examples of Benefits

-30% Reduction of turnover of production technical and economic staff

Impact: the production support team has been stabilised. Ensured a smooth transfer of know-how and more efficient completion of open actions, leading to increased success of strategic projects. Increased employer attractiveness on the labour market. This led to savings in annual costs for recruitment and onboarding of new employees - CZK 500,000. Where: Production engineering company

+100% The number of employees actively involved in process improvement has doubled

Impact: overload of active staff has been reduced and the number of closed issues has increased. This improved the achievement of the set KPIs. Not only has the efficiency of the problem solving teams increased, but the overall atmosphere in the company has also improved. Where: A food manufacturing company

-56% The number of simultaneous open issues dropped by 56% in three months

Impact: shift output was stabilized and increased, resulting in improved planning. This straightened material consumption and resolved downtime caused by material shortages on the line. As a secondary effect, the ability of employees to react to problems in a structured and, above all, independent manner has increased. Where: A cosmetics manufacturing company

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