Training with a set of practical exercises supplemented by studies and independent work in your production and maintenance.

Comprehensive training program for the implementation and control of the total efficiency of machines and equipment. Includes complete theory for implementing TPM, expanded modules targeting maximizing robot and automated line performance, extensions to TPM for efficiency in Industry 4.0, extending TPM for MES systems, linking Lean techniques to maintenance, and conversely, full implementation of maintenance into a lean enterprise.

Training with a lot of practical exercises supplemented by studies and independent work in your production and maintenance. You will be guided through the theory, explained with examples, and practised with homework in your plant. And all the while, you can ask questions and we’ll answer them. We’ll engage you in benchmarking with colleagues in other factories.

Who is the TPM 40 training for?

  • Firstly for managers who want to understand how to maximise the performance of their facilities.
  • Secondly to maintenance managers and technicians who know their profession and want to be educated in the management system for their area.
  • And thirdly to technicians, engineers, foremen, leaders of production units who learn to see the context, describe the opportunity and take immediate advantage of it.

How do we organise TPM 40 training?

  • 4 days of training in 8 comprehensive blocks.
  • Professional full-color training materials.
  • Make time in your schedule to develop separate exercises for each block. In these exercises, you will analyze or implement the techniques currently being discussed in the pilot workplace.
  • During the training you can consult the setup of your system.
  • We recommend to choose a pilot key machine and focus all exercises and analyses on it. Take advantage of the consultation opportunities to set a new level of TPM efficiency.

TPM 40 training curriculum


Why join us for training?

  • We are practitioners who have been analyzing and addressing the performance process for many years. We came out of maintenance and are now returning to it with cross-departmental expertise.
  • We have been studying production losses and the opportunities arising from them for a long time and we are aware of the necessary innovations in TPM methodology.
  • We are aware of the demands of the job and have created a training model that allows you to engage despite your busy schedule.
  • We have innovated the TPM methodology to meet the current needs of Industry 4.0
  • TPM 40 is methodically followed by the TPM Auditor training, where you can prepare your internal auditors to be able to check the outputs of TPM 40 and integrate them into the company’s internal audit.
  • TPM is not just maintenance and maintenance is not TPM. We are aware of this fact. We have put together an activating, motivating course for you. A course full of knowledge and applied practice.

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