LEAN MANUFACTURING techniques’ leading analytical discipline in a new generation of training. Come and acquire new skills.
The course is part of the LEAN EXPERT certified programme.
An innovated form of training with high added value in both the online and factory variant.

Wherever there is a product for a customer, there is a value stream. We will teach you to perceive value streams, map them and analyse the opportunities they present using the VSM technique (Value-Stream Mapping).

We will explain value-stream mapping using general theory and graphical simulation. In training, you will try mapping on video analyses from a factory created by our TractorMotive simulation. Learn to implement a detailed analysis of workplaces, lines and the production process as a whole. You will be making extensive use of value analyses and new 3Z, 3X techniques. We will separately set up studies of permeation and process balance. You will understand and manually put together a VSM map.

Practical courses in a factory

The active connection of the lectured theory and the immediate practical training in the operation of the host factory will allow you to learn the real implementation of the trained technique. We carefully select the host factories to provide a suitable environment for the lecture and at the same time be a motivation for your personal development.

The training takes place in the host factory in the full range of 3 days.

We undertake a comprehensive Gate to Gate VSM for a single production process (from first operation to dispatch). We will compile a balance study, value analyzes, VSM map in paper and digital form. Together with the host’s experts, we will design a targeted streamlining of the process. We will create a VSD and a basic implementation plan. Throughout the course, you can discuss with colleagues from other factories and look for your personal inspiration.

ONLINE variant

With the use of specialized software tools, we will not only lecture you, but together we will work as one team, you will work in small groups, or you will do simple homework. You will go through 12 hours of theory and practical exercises. Together we will compile a map of the current state of VSM and propose optimizations – streamlining of the process in the form of VSD. You download all the created materials to your PC and easily create VSM in your factory by following them. You will work intensively, but from the comfort of your office or home.

Coaching of your project is included in the online variant. We cannot take you to a factory, where we practically try out the technique. Therefore, we will turn the situation around and you will take a personal consultant to your factory.

Together we define the process / topic / tools. You perform measurement and observation in the process, compile analyzes. The consultant will check your work, help you with advice and expertise. We will help you and your implementation team to build a VSM and come up with a VSD. If you are interested, you can order online implementation support in addition to the training to streamline the process and achieve the VSD target state.

Scope of the training

Practical courses in a factory

1. – 2. day 9:00-17:00
3. day 8:30-15:30
 The location is always announced for a specific course and date

Online variant

1. day online training 8:00-11:00 and 12:00-15:00
2. day online training 8:00-11:00 and 12:00-15:00
+ subsequent coaching of your project


 Why choose our VSM?

  • Methodological clarity and high expertise of teaching and subsequent simple applicability in your practice
  • We’ll give you practical advice for various types of industrial environment
  • Possibility of consulting with experts from other companies
  • Methodology and training continuity – LEAN EXPERT and GREEN/BLACK BELT series
  • Quality guarantee for training
  • The course is part of the European certification program LEAN EXPERT by ICG

You will learn to

  • Streamline processes
  • Reduce WIP, increase labour productivity, reduce continuous production time
  • To see waste in processes and identify opportunities for development
  • Appropriate preparation for the application of VSM/VSD technique
  • Value analysis and process balancing
  • Find and analyse process bottlenecks
  • Describe the status of stocks and work-in-progress
  • Physically map production and planning process
  • To compile a value stream map (VSM)
  • To design the future state of stream value (VSD)
  • A key Lean tool significantly affecting the manufacturing plant strategy

What you’ll need

  • Internet connection for online learning
  • Ability to install / use the Teams online app
  • If you have any IT programme restrictions, train from home using your own computer
  • Work boots and reflective vest for practical part in factory


Participants of the entire course receive certificate of completion of the Lean Value Stream Expert.
After completing all three courses of the training programme and successful completion of the final tests, it is possible to obtain the Lean Expert certificate issued by the ICG international consortium.
The certification process is already included in the course price! Our company ICG-Capability offers an opportunity to discuss the course free of charge in order to successfully achieve certification.

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