Lean Six Sigma consulting

ICG offers regular consultancy for project leaders.
ICG offers regular consultancy for project leaders with the objective of supporting project delivery in a dedicated scope and time while achieving the highest possible benefits.

It has been proven, that with project coaching, the speed of project delivery increased by 30%. Coaching is an excellent addition to Green Belt training.

Companies with already established process management and implemented optimization processes are offered regular consultations with our Master Black Belts who help them deliver projects focused on process management and improvement.

It is usually a regular meeting with our consultant in the length of about 2 hours for a project ca. once month. The aim is to ensure the Black Belt, Green Belt, Lean Expert or project sponsor that the desired goal of the project will be achieved.

Coaching is also an important element of the certification preparation process since, in addition explaining  specific tools, we also perform regular knowledge testing.

Our Master Black Belts are able to “coach” 3 to 5 projects within one day. It is one of the best investments with the highest ROI (return on investment).

Typical situations to use coaching within a project

  • You want to be sure that the first projects will be successful and deliver the expected benefits in a given time.
  • Recent Lean Six Sigma projects ended in failure, which your want to avoid in the future.
  • You have just got trained in the Lean Six Sigma methodology and you need support in the first project.
  • You do not have internal capacity and expertise to provide project support.
  • You want to be sure that your project will successfully get certified.


Our consultations are focused on

  • Regular meeting with project leaders
  • Facilitation support of complex workshops
  • Introduction of advanced process improvement techniques
  • Process and data analysis support
  • Project evaluation and proposals for further actions
  • Preparation for certifications and tests
  • Development plans for process improvement teams

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Milan Gazdík

Partner, consultant

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