Value Stream Map

How to Find an Improvement That Really Matters Now


Now more than ever, having the right tools and skills to find an opportunity for cutting unnecessary costs and making processes more effective, can mean the difference between having a business and not having one.

One of such tools that you can and should apply NOW, is the well-known Value Stream Map (VSM).

It is without an argument one of the most powerful tools of the whole Lean arsenal of methods. It helps companies to identify, where their energy and efforts for improvement activities should be focused.

VSM is a very visual tool, mostly made of pictures. That secures it’s easy to read and comprehend. It brings in clarity, focus and mainly an understanding of what is really happening in the mapped process today. It will help you discover the previously hidden opportunities for improvement, that can have a significant impact on your strategic goals.

That is why we are so excited to introduce to you our brand-new Live Online Lean Value Stream Expert Training, where we combine teaching of theory with an analytical workshop. With our guidance, you will practice inside of an online factory, created using our unique TractorMotive simulation.

We are going to take you from a complete rookie to a skilled value stream practitioner by walking you through a detailed examination of a workplace using value analysis, throughput analysis and process balancing. Leveraging this newly gained insight, we will then be able to create a map of desired future state (VSD), that will portray our desired process function and become the source for planning actions leading to improvement.

What is more, we also offer an online coaching for your own project, so you feel comfortable turning the newly gained knowledge into practice within your own environment.

VSM turns guesswork into targeted tactics and is a must have tool for any serious improvement team of this era.


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