Why are companies often missing real creativity?

There are several causes, which prevents companies from increasing innovation and creativity. Innovation activities are too close to operational work; companies are often divided into homogenous – no radical ideas; there is lack of preparation, proper tools and methods for innovation activities; bad facilitation of innovation workshops – inefficiency or poor problem definition – wrong outcomes.

So how can companies remove this brake mechanism?

  1. Learn how to avoid typical pitfalls of innovation workshops.
  2. Pick up hints of highly effective preparation tasks and efficient problem definition tools.
  3. Acquire new creativity tools that enable creating a radical output.
  4. Find your personal strengths on innovation work through Natural Tendency Analysis.
  5. Get efficient tools to conceptualize ideas into concrete solutions
  6. Internalize tools by hands-on training and coaching
  7. Create concrete solutions to your organization’s burning needs simultaneously during the training.

We will teach you all of these and even more approaches, on our Creative problem solving training. Participants of our training will engage in a series of interactive exercises to strengthen their creative side and learn to apply it when solving a variety of challenging problems.

This two days training starts on 20th of April 2017 in Prague. Do not hesitate and register now! You can find more information and application form HERE.