Optimization Projects

We perform improvement projects focused on selected processes using the DMAIC methodology.
Within a few weeks of cooperation with your team, we provide a set of measures to improve the output of processes in terms of time, costs or quality.

Our process experts certified as Black Belts and Master Black Belts improve specific processes within your company. Via a series of workshops and the DMAIC methodical approach, we lead project teams in order to shorten processes, increase profitability and quality. Specific metrics are agreed on with the client in advance. Selection of the field to improve, e.g. the task for us, is up to you. The process of improvement, however, often follows a process audit the objective of which is to find processes with the greatest opportunities. The typical period of one process improvement ranges from one to four months. It always depends on the degree of complexity and scope of the process.

What are the typical objectives of improvement projects?

  • Shortening the time of a process with a lot of handovers
  • Simplification of processes with a large amount of manual labor and inputs
  • Quality improvement and reduction of the number of defects generated by a process
  • Reduction of a process output variability
  • Finding the root cause of inefficiency of processes which can include long and unpredictable time of product delivery, high costs due to poor quality and waste
  • Deteriorating KPIs (in production e.g. Cpk, Ppk, PPM …)
  • Overloaded key employees – key activities performed by a small group of employees with the need to transfer know-how to others


Typical project outputs and milestones

  • Definition of measurable project objectives
  • Identification of root causes
  • Analysis of the current process performance
  • Confirmation of root causes by statistical analysis
  • Proposition of improvements and preparation of the implementation plan
  • Supervision within implementation
  • Communication plan – a plan of change adoption


All potential analyses are performed using the Minitab and Sigma XL statistical software we are distributors of on the Czech and Slovak markets.

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