Organizational Audit

We will perform an audit of your corporate culture with the participation of selected representatives of your organization.

Corporate culture is a big motivator, but also something that may prevent companies from implementing their strategic goals and achieving desired market positions. Company culture shapes human behavior in organizations.

We will perform an audit of your corporate culture with the participation of selected representatives of your organization. Our role consists primarily of an impartial and professional facilitation of individual parts of the audit. Special auditing tools are used and absolute confidentiality regarding the subjects addressed is ensured. Cooperation with us, as an external partner, increases objectivity of the audit from the perspective of both employees and management.

Corporate culture involves more non-written rules than visible components:

  • Specific behavior leading to results
  • Values of key people in important moments in the life of the company
  • Appropriate activities of people with proper powers under proper conditions


To understand these unwritten rules properly, we choose a suitable combination of approaches and techniques in various stages of the auditing process. It starts with an initial launch of the audit with its sponsor and individual interviews with management and key employees of the company. “Culture diagnostic workshops” are then arranged across the organization. Finally, results are evaluated, strategic cultural changes proposed, and an action plan implemented. According to the assignment, an organizational audit typically consists of the following stages:

1. Assessment of the current corporate culture
2. Definition of a future direction
3. Development of a new corporate vulture

Appropriate tools are chosen primarily from the following ones:

  • Interviews with managers and key employees
  • Culture diagnostic workshops
  • Surrounding analysis – external perspective (customers, the company’s external environment)
  • Survey research
  • Evaluation of corporate leaders
  • Leaders’ benchmarks and targets – implementation plan

An organizational audit usually takes 2 to 5 weeks depending on company size or the selected field.

Typical outputs

  • Confirmed results from culture diagnostic workshops
  • Detailed plan of change activities
  • Detailed communication and development plan
  • Agreed project management model for the implementation stage
  • Realized implementation plan
  • Realized communication plan
  • Measured results of the change and assessed results of the project



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