Black Belt Training is the most complex learning program in the area of process and project management with internationally recognized certification.

We have prepared an intensive online version of the Black Belt training for you. The entire course is conducted online using professional digital platforms. The lecturers – experienced Master Black Belts – provide “live” presentation, moderate virtual workshops, conduct simulations throughout the course. Individual coaching and preparation for certification are part of the fee, as well as other standards that you are used to from our classic in-class trainings.

Black Belt training provides the broadest overview about process improvement techniques and skills within Lean Six Sigma approach. After the training participants are able to lead very complex projects focusing on increasing productivity, reducing defects and shortening the time. All tools and techniques are discussed in great detail. An enormous emphasis is placed on practicing data analysis, process analysis and statistical process control tools.

The Black Belt training is not a statistics course anymore! It is a complex approach to process problem solving. We won’t teach you difficult statistical formulas, but instead we will teach you how to use the newest analytical tools in Minitab. We will also practice all the tools using an online simulation game.

Black Belt must be a top facilitator, which is why great attention and practical exercises are devoted to this role, as well as to the part of focusing on communication with key managers, process “stakeholders” and on techniques for change implementation and management.

The training is completed with a preparation for certification and, after meeting the certification requirements, granting Lean Six Sigma Black Belt diploma which is an internationally recognised certification.

You will learn to

  • Deploy process improvement into organizations.
  • Carry out process audit – looking for the opportunities.
  • Manage large process improvement projects.
  • Create, lead and motivate a dedicated project team.
  • Analyze collected data and identify key root causes of problems by complex statistical tools.
  • Suggest the best solution, proceed with the pilot and implementation of process improvements.
  • Evaluate financial benefits of the project.
  • Combine DMAIC, DFSS and KAIZEN approach

Why Online Training?

  • Flexibility in workload – training is divided into 13 modules (8:30 – 13:00)
  • Training includes the possibility of individual consultation and virtual coaching.
  • Final certification test (online) and the certification process itself are included in the price.
  • Maintaining the basic pillars from Standard course: Simulation game, team work (virtual), individual exercises, explanation with electronic white-board (ipad), online test questions and test and certification itself.
  • This model provides teaching without travel costs and full-time absence from work.
  • Everything is based on the use of new digital tools ZOOM, Menti, Miro and Odoo platform – a modern and efficient form of digital collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Possibility of discussions with other participants from other companies in real time through virtual mini-workshops with digital applications.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed – we will return 25% of the fee back in case of subject dissatisfaction
  • Training materials provided online

In total, we devote considerably more time to each individual participant than during a classic course. Individual video calls and the possibility of chat with the consultant throughout and after the course are included.

Watch video: Our perspective on online trainings

Consultants Milan Gazdík and Libor Čadek are reflecting the development of online trainings and discuss positives, challenges and describe the whole journey and toolset used in our virtual sessions.
Watch video: 4 Key success factors of our online trainings Watch video: 4 Key success factors of our online trainings

Have a look at the  tools we use to ensure the top-quality of our trainings and workshops.


After completing the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training and successfully passing a final test (at least 80%, the test comprises 40 questions), we will give you a certificate of successful completion of the Black Belt course.

A candidate can continue with “Certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt” certification for which it is necessary to implement one project using the Lean Six Sigma methodology. This particularly involves practical testing of selected tools and improving a specific process. The course includes project templates, which markedly simplify the work on a project. In order to obtain the certification, it is necessary to defend the project in front of a committee  (also possible online). The certification process as well as the defense are already included in the course price. 



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