Do innovation right! In three energizing days, you will get a chance to put your hands on practical creative problem-solving techniques, techniques of prototyping, or learn what’s your ideal role in the innovation team.

Unique program developed during an international cooperation between companies ICG and Innotiimi introduces a complex innovation process. The process starts with initial problem definition and finishes with elaborated concepts and prototypes built on the best discovered ideas. All that conducted on your topic with your people and for your customers.

The training is designed as follows. Within two days, you will try out how to get the most of an innovative workshop, such as what creative techniques to use for less or more radical types of innovations or how to properly approach concept drafting and prototyping. In addition to these tools, we will also try to find out what role fits you in the innovation team and how to build a functioning innovation team according to personality typology. You will also receive a specially designed task list to ensure you get the most out of the training. The outcome of these tasks will be discussed during the third day, which is not mandatory to attend and will take place a couple of weeks later. It’s an ideal opportunity to verify that you apply the acquired knowledge in practice correctly.

This training is designed for everyone who means their innovation activities seriously.

You will learn to

  • Learn how to avoid typical pitfalls of innovation workshops.
  • Acquire new creativity tools that enable creating a radical output.
  • Find your personal strengths on innovation work through Natural Tendency Analysis.
  • Learn new and effective tools to evaluate acquired ideas.
  • Get efficient tools to conceptualize ideas into concrete solutions.
  • Internalize tools by hands-on training and coaching.
  • Create concrete solutions to your organization’s burning needs simultaneously during the training.

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